Founded in 1997, Korean Society of Psoriasis (KSP) has made efforts to share the various clinical experiences in psoriasis and relevant diseases and to vitalize the domestic studies on causes and treatment of psoriasis, based on the exertion and cooperation among members.

KSP enables its members to share their diverse clinical experiences and to present the studies of psoriasis causes and treatment by holding academic conferences every year and publishing its journal once a year and gives them opportunities of grasping global recent research trends by inviting foreign distinguished personalities. This year, the tenth anniversary of its establishment will be attended by large number of famous domestic and foreign dermatologists.

KSP will play the role of locomotive in combining basic science with clinical science successfully by expanding its area gradually on the basis of free exchange of opinions so that KSP's development will lead to those of the Korean Dermatological Society. To this end, KSP will endeavor to lay groundwork for acquiring the cutting-edge expertise and discussing study results regarding psoriasis and relevant diseases.

KSP's homepage is a space for you members. I hope the homepage will allow you to keep in contact with new information and to exchange your opinions with each other. I wish you all the best in the exception of your continuous love and support of out society.

President of Korean Society for Psoriasis